"Title IX Executive Overview" is an executive overview for school board directors. This overview provides basic understanding of the legislation and actions for school board directors to audit compliance within their districts. The overview is presented by Peg Pennepacker an established expert on Title IX legislation and compliance. This overview has additional detailed modules as followup on specific Title IX execution sub topics such as athletics, sexual harassment, STEM programs, booster clubs compliance and more. For more information please feel free to contact the Alliance at info@alliance4education.com or 267-313-4368. Read More

The need to share what we do as laboratory animal specialist is critically important.  Too often we sit quiet or say the wrong things as others around us distort the reality of animal use in biomedical research.  This series is designed to reinforce why positive Public Outreach is so important and share tips and strategies to successfully share what we do and love with the people around us. Cost: Free - each session is a free standalone session Part 1. Speaker – Christal Huber Why Public Outreach matters and how to get started: One of the biggest challenges in outreach is getting started.  Having a clear reason for why outreach is important is the ideal starting place to create a story that can be shared with others about the use of animals in biomedical research.  This session will help to solidify why speaking publicly about the value and benefits of using animals in research is so important.  And provide suggestions on how to start sharing our stories. Part 2. Speaker – Paula Clifford When Public Outreach works – Case studies are shared that highlight the tangible benefits of animal-based research and how those stories are shared.  From this session, attendees are provided strategies and information that can be included in their story of the benefits of the use of animal use in research.  Practical lessons on how to make the story, your story. Part 3. Speaker Christal Huber Sharing your story with different audiences – Sitting at the Thanksgiving Table talking about careers might require a different story than giving a lecture to a group of middle school teachers.  This session will provide guidance on crafting a story appropriate for the various groups you may have to address. Do you have an elevator pitch, a short 'why' behind the work you do?  If not, this session will be right for you. Read More

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